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Lakefront & Dock Rules and Regulations

The natural beauty of Taunton Lake is one of the chief reasons our community is such a great place to live. Taunton's founders, through deed restrictions, bylaws and rules, guaranteed that Taunton Lake will always have a natural shoreline and natural surroundings... if the members continue to strive to maintain that heritage and help enforce the rules that govern each property.

The idea is to maintain a generally unbuilt, undeveloped look. Remember that all live vegetation between the lake and your home should be left undisturbed. If you have questions about cutting and pruning of vegetation, please call any member of the Property (formerly Lakefront and Dock) Committee.

The following rules are binding on all residents of Taunton Lake:

1. No alternations, excavations or other changes shall be made to the waterline or embankments of the lakefront without approval.

2. No posts, poles, pilings, stakes, rafts, floats, etc. shall be driven into or anchored to the lake bottom and no docks or piers shall be constructed thereon without approval.

3. No fill dirt, sand, gravel, etc. shall be put into the lake without approval.

4. No changes shall be made to the lake bottom including the natural channel without approval.

5. No existing docks or retaining walls shall be reconstructed or altered without approval.

6. No drainage of pollutants shall be put into the lake.

7. Docks should be of low silhouette and of colors conforming to and blending with the surrounding natural landscape.

8. The size of docks and their extension into the lake is to be consistent with the reasonable use of the property by the owner while considering the safety and convenience of other residents. Maximum size is no more than 200 square feet and no more than one dock per property.

9. No trees or shrubbery shall be removed along the lakefront.

In most cases, removal or severe pruning of trees and foliage is also limited by the OTCC's By-Laws Article III and restrictions in your master deed. See the OTCC's Tree Removal and Replacement Rules for overall policy and details on replanting requirements.

Application for approval or variance to any of the above can be submitted to any member of the Committee, which is composed of members appointed by the President of the Old Taunton Colony Club. Any infractions of the rules should be reported to the Committee for proper action.


Paul Lucas 983-4890 Marty Hamilton 983-7393 Steve Lennon 810-9505
Phil Myers 983-1981