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Minutes of the Annual Meeting

May 18, 2003

The meeting was held at the Taunton Fire Company and was scheduled to start at 7:00 P.M.

Trustees present were: AnnPalaitis(Treasurer), Paul Davis, Mary McKeon Stosuy(Vice President), Paul Lucas(Secretary), Kevin Callahan(President), Brian Petitt, Joan Myers, Kristen Lorenz, Phil Myers and Gil Zlock.

Absent were: Chuck Schaffer and Chuck Watson.

Before the meeting started, Lt. Mac Initch spoke in regard to the Town Watch Program and other popular programs of the Medford Township Police. He asked for e-mail addresses for as many residents as possible.

Cpl. Dunlevy(our direct contact with the police dept.) urged that residents call him with quality-of-life issues.


The meeting started with the reading of the Annual Meeting minutes from May 2002. The minutes were approved as read by Paul Lucas.


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Mary Stosuy reported that we have collected $3,600. in back dues payments this year, and that the number of delinquent payers has been reduced considerably. Mary thanked those who pay their dues in a timely manner.


Brian Petitt gave a report for Chairman Chuck Schaffer. Brian reviewed the purpose and scope of the Committee. He mentioned that we are presently trying to change the classification of the Breakneck Dam from that of Class I to a Class II dam. The re-classification would, because of less liability, be less expensive to maintain.


Kevin Callahan reported that our beach clean-up went well despite the fact, that due to a delayed lake lowering, we had to accomplish it in two separate weekends. He went on to say that "no fishing" signs were erected at the beach and at the Breakneck and Centennial Dam. He stressed that foot traffic on the dam embankments helped to cause soil erosion.

Kevin reported that the 2002 Annual Picnic/Fishing Tournament went very well. There were 35 - 40 families represented at the Picnic. He encouraged more people to attend the 2003 affair, which will be held on the last Saturday of July this year.


Gil Zlock reported


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Ann Palaitis reported that beach tags would be distributed tonight and at the beach on Memorial Day weekend.


Kristen Lorenz reported that there were fewer violations of the Beach rules since the inception of the adult beach tag checker program two years ago. She went on the say that the 2002 season saw fewer volunteers for the duty than in 2001. Kristen described the duties and urged residents to volunteer.


The report was read by Kevin Callahan for Mike Gallaway. Kevin reported that there were no beach closings in 2002 and that the average coliform count was 25. A threshold of 200 must be reached in order for the beach to be closed. Kevin offered tips for keeping the water clean, such as proper maintenance of septic systems. He referred members to additional tips offered on our web site

Brian Petitt reported on the course that he and Joan Myers attended regarding native vegetation and water conservation at the Pinelands Commission headquarters. He suggested that members visit our web site and that of the Pinelands Commission for lists of suggested plants.

Joan Myers stressed the importance of not having large lawns.


Paul Lucas reported that we presently have a number of "trouble spots" around the Lake in terms of building activities that threaten the environment of the Lake. They will be addressed later in the meeting.


Kevin Callahan reported that since the last Annual Meeting we have sponsored the Annual Picnic, the Annual Easter Egg Hunt, and Toys for Tots. He went on to say that we have plans for a "Founder's Grove", an area of trees planted in memory of the Lake's founding fathers.


Kevin Callahan addressed the problem of local builders trying to take "footprints" of small lakefront homes and transform them into large, expensive homes that lawns and fewer trees.

A long, intensive discussion followed with many residents offering questions and suggestions to deal with the problem. The consensus was that we need to do whatever it takes to protect and preserve the Lake and Lake Community in its present form.

Mary Stosuy reported that the Board of Trustees wants to amend our By-laws over the next year to provide more specific language in order to protect the Lake. She urged members to help by becoming involved in our efforts and to become politically active. She mentioned that we could incur significant legal expenses if we fight the developers. She went on to say that we do have money in reserve for contingencies and legal expenses.

Anne Klein volunteered to lead a steering committee for a "preservation committee" and made some specific suggestions from her expertise as a public relations professional. Names were gathered from those who wished to volunteer.


Kevin presented the slate of Trustees whose terms were to expire in June 2003. He asked for any nominations from the floor. None were forthcoming. Kevin called for a vote to extend the terms of the persons on the slate for another three years. By voice vote, all terms were extended.

A motion to adjourn was seconded and passed at 9:15 P.M. Refreshments were served.

A short meeting of the trustees was held to discuss the immediate steps that needed to be taken in regard to the "problem" properties around the Lake.

Respectfully submitted,
Paul A. Lucas, Secretary
May 2003