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Minutes of the Annual Meeting

May 1, 2005

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The meeting, held at the Taunton Fire Company, was called to order by President Gil Zlock at 7:05 P.M.

Trustees present: Gil Zlock (President), Mary Stosuy (V.P.), Paul Lucas (Secretary), Ann Palaitis (Treasurer), Paul Davis, Marty Hamilton, Joan Myers, Steve Lennon, Phil Myers, Chuck Watson, and Kevin Callahan.

Absent: Brian Petitt.

In an effort to save time for Club business, each committee chairperson gave a short overview of their report and copies of the full written reports were distributed to members as they arrived.

Paul Davis (Welcome Committee) welcomed the members and announced the new members.

Treasurer Ann Palaitis gave the Treasurer's Report.

Joan Myers gave an overview of the Street Captain program.

Mary Stosuy (Finance Committee) mentioned that we have pared down the number of delinquent dues to payers to just a few members. Mary went on to detail how the Trustees arrived at the new dues amounts. It was basically the costs of the dam upgrades amortized over twenty years and the increasing costs of insurance and other regular expenses.

Gil Zlock (Insurance Committee) explained that insurance costs have increased dramatically each year since 9/11/2001.

Mary Stosuy (By-laws Committee) explained that we have been working since 2003 to amend and update our By-laws, and that we are in the final stages.

Paul Lucas reported for the Water Quality Committee that the water quality was good overall and that no beach closings were necessary during the 2004 season due to high coliform counts. He added that we are still concerned about the pH being higher than desired.

Paul Lucas reported for the Aquatic Weed Committee that due to abnormally few weeds during the 2004 season, a herbicide treatment was not necessary, thus saving us money. We are again contracted with Great Blue, Inc. to treat if necessary during the 2005 season.

Kevin Callahan reported for the Beach/Picnic Committee that the Annual Picnic was scheduled for July 23rd this year.

Mary Stosuy reported that we needed volunteers to check beach tags this year. She then reported for the Dam Committee that we will be scheduling the upgrades necessary to keep our dam up to the standards set by the NJDEP. A low-interest State loan has been tentatively approved by the DEP and that we are waiting for the Legislature and the Governor's signature.

Steve Lennon reported for the Storm Water Management Committee that they are currently working on various areas around the lake to help improve the water quality and aesthetics of the neighborhood.

Paul Lucas reported for the Lakefront and Dock Committee that they are continuously trying to maintain the natural, wooded lake fronts that were the intention of the Lake's forefathers as evidenced in the By-laws, rules, and deed restrictions.

Sgt. Dunlevy of the Medford Twp. Police Dept. spoke in behalf of the Neighborhood Watch Program. He stressed the importance of making phone calls to the Police Department if we see unusual or suspicious activity.

Two residents responded with stories. One was of trespassers on their property stealing. Another, was a house under construction where trespassers were breaking windows and set fire to the new home.

Anne Klein reported for the Taunton Lake Preservation Initiative that we had a positive outcome, in part, due to the community response in regard to the proposed over-development on Robinson Rd.

President Gil Zlock made a statement in behalf of the Board of Trustees that indicated that the Board was currently engaged in disputes with some members who violated Club rules. He then opened the meeting for the public comment session of the meeting. At that point, the Club's attorney, Jeffrey Baron, introduced himself and addressed the gathering to say that the Board could not comment on specific issues dealing with those properties because they may result in litigation. He assured the membership that the Board was acting in good faith and acting in a responsible, proper, and legal manner to uphold the By-laws, rules, and deed restrictions of the Club.

President Gil Zlock then posed a series of Frequently Asked Questions to various Board members regarding responsibilities of the Board. The assigned Trustee responded and then questions were taken from the membership. The Trustee questions were:

New Business

Nominations were taken from the membership for the four Trustee positions that were to expire in May 2005. Those of Trustees Paul Lucas, Brian Petitt, Mary Stosuy, and Ann Palaitis. Other than those mentioned, Debra Hamalainen's name was offered.

A vote was called for and the membership voted. By voice vote, Mary Stosuy, Ann Palaitis, and Brian Petitt were approved. By a count of hands, between Debra Hamalainen and Paul Lucas, Paul Lucas was approved by a vote of 49 to 8.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 P.M. and at that time refreshments were served and beach tags and boat stickers were distributed.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul A. Lucas Secretary
May 2005