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2008 Annual Meeting

One or more members from a total of 90 families attended the 2008 Annual Meeting on Sunday, May 4. That's about 58 percent of the approximately 155 property owners.

Annual Meeting Minutes
Old Taunton Colony Club
May 4, 2008

7:00 - 7:12 P.M. Member sign-in, distribution of ballots and committee reports.

President's Address and Welcome

President Marty Hamilton welcomed the members and set the agenda for the meeting.

Public Portion

Members and incumbent Board members were nominated.

The four incumbents were: Paul Lucas, Brian Petitt, Bill Walsh, and Ed Gann.

Two members were nominated from the floor, they were Ken Dybalski and Larry Lefczik.

The Public Portion of the meeting was recessed until later.

Neighborhood Watch

Police Chief, Kehoe addressed the on-going controversy of speeding on our roads. He stated that some of the speeding tickets issued on Breakneck and Hinchman Roads were residents. He went on to say that Hopewell Rd. conversely, are transients.

Sgt. Dunlevy mentioned a recent problem with car burglaries at Lake Pine. He stressed that we call the police regarding any suspicious activity.

Captain Canal introduced himself as the new Chief of Police.

Powerpoint Presentation

A Powerpoint presentation was made by Treasurer Jerry Klein that outlined a brief history of the Taunton Lake Community, beginning during Revolutionary times through today. The presentation highlighted how the deed restrictions that have enabled the preservation of the community as a natural enclave evolved. It stressed that generations of residents have worked hard to enforce the deed restrictions, bylaws and Club rules which have resulted the beautiful community that we all enjoy today.

Committee Reports

Though each committee submitted a written report that was in the packet distributed at the door, highlights of many of the committee reports were briefly reported. Click here for a copy of those reports.

Current Issues

Board member Joan Myers gave a detailed report on what constitutes a Right-Of-Way and what is common property owned by the Club. There was a focus on the South Wendover Ave. ROW and the process that was followed to delineate the ROW, with Township assistance, from the neighboring property that has been a source of numerous problems relating to member access to the Township-owned land.

The Township reminded the neighbor at the ROW that members must be able to use Township land without impediment, and the Township realigned the neighbor's driveway that utilizes the ROW for access to the private property. In addition, the Township authorized the Club to install fencing, signage and perform remedial work to reduce erosion into the lake. After the contractor, hired by the Club to do the erosion control was wrongly reported to the police for trespassing on the private property, the Township decided to perform the work.

Joan explained the genesis of the planned community dock near Paoli Avenue off of Lover's Lane. A group of residents applied for and were granted permission to build a dock on Club property. The Lakefront and Dock Committee recommended to the Board the positive factors of having a place for off-lake members to access the lake at that prime location.

Board member Steve Lennon addressed the Club's handling of variances. He explained that the Board of Trustees carefully considers each request for a zoning variance in regard to its impact on the lake and on the neighborhood, which includes the natural scheme of the community. As reported in the written Lakefront and Dock Committee Report, most requests for variances go totally unopposed, and some, including major additions and teardowns are supported by letters to the Zoning Board. (See the report at

Steve Lennon reported the chronology of the massive tree cutting at 1 Piney Run Road in November, 2007 that precipitated a Club initiated Restraining Order and a lawsuit for the violation of deed restrictions. It was pointed out that the Club's attempts to correspond with the residents at that address, who had lost "good standing" status in 2005, went unanswered, thus the need for the restraining order. The order was granted by the court and ordered the residents to stop all cutting and to leave the stacks of logs that remained undisturbed. (All documents relating to this matter are available on the web site.)

Public Portion, (continued)

Statements from Nominees for Trustee

All nominees made a brief statement.

Voting for Trustees

Ballots were completed by the members present, and were deposited in the ballot box. The ballots were then tabulated by Trustee Chuck Watson, with the help of people chosen from the assembled members. An intermission ensued while the ballots were being counted. When the count was completed the results were announced:

Ninety (90) ballots were cast.

Bill Walsh 69 votes
Brian Petitt 68 votes
Ed Gann 63 votes
Paul Lucas 57 votes
Ken Dybalski 37 votes
Larry Lefczik 29 votes

The meeting was adjourned, refreshments were served, and beach tags and boat stickers were distributed.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Lucas, Secretary
May 2008