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2010 Annual Meeting

The 2010 OTCC Annual Meeting was held on Sunday, May 2 at 7:00 p.m., at the Lake Pine Club House on Taunton Boulevard. (Our traditional meeting place, the Taunton Fire House, is no longer available.) One or more residents from 68 households attended.

Here are the handouts given out at the meeting. Guest speaker Jeanne Gural, Executive Director of Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge, gave a presentation on the importance of maintaining a vegetated buffer along the lake shoreline to, among other reasons, discourage Canada Geese, which are major sources of lake pollution.

Voting for Trustees

Four incumbent trustees were nominated for re-election. In addition, one person was nominated from the floor. The results of the voting:

Marty Hamilton* 56 votes
Linda Hamilton* 58 votes
Phil Myers* 58 votes
Joan Myers* 59 votes
Ken Dybalski 9 votes


The minutes of the meeting are available here.