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Dedication of the
Bob Austermuhl Memorial Bench

Bob Austermuhl was one of the first, if not THE first resident of Pine Road. He staked out his property in the early forties, picking the specific spot because of the nice breeze that washed the small point jutting into Thannel Run.

A dapper gentleman, Bob was a friend to all who knew him.

Following a mishap while pruning his trees with a chain saw, Bob passed away in March 1998, at age 94.

Following Bob's death, the residents of Pine and Spruce Roads decided to create a memorial to Bob. On June 21, 1998, with neighbors and members of Bob's family present, they unveiled a park bench, across the street from Bob's house, dedicated to his memory.

Photo 1 - Bob's daughter and son-in-law, Dot and Frank Young, remove the covering from the plaque as friends and neighbors look on.

Photo 2 - A closeup of the inscribed plaque on the bench.

Photo 3 - Dot and Frank Young are the first to sit on the bench.

Photo 4 - Residents of Pine and Spruce Road, along with members of Bob's family, pose for a photo with the new bench.

At Bob's 90th birthday party in 1994: daughter Dot, Bob, granddaughter Linda Perazza and son-in-law Frank Young.