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Fine after extended loss of good standing

Any property owner whose good standing has been revoked by the Board of Trustees for any matter other than delinquent dues shall, as soon as possible thereafter, take such action as is necessary to cure the condition which caused the revocation. Should such condition not be cured within twelve months of the date of revocation, a fine of $50 shall be levied on the twelve months anniversary of the revocation without further action required by the Board. A further fine of $50 shall likewise be levied for each succeeding month until such time as the condition is cured. Should the amount of fines levied reach $200, the Board shall cause a lien to be filed against the property. A copy of this provision shall be served upon the offending property owner at the time of revocation of good standing and no further notice shall be required prior to the imposition of fines.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees March 8, 2017