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A Lasting Tribute to the Larsen Family

The Old Taunton Colony Club owes a debt of gratitude to the Larsen family. Caroline and John Larsen were founding members of the club in 1925. And in 2006, a gift from their son Carter ensured that the lakefront path from West Lake Road to the beach would remain forever undisturbed. Larsen deeded over to the Colony Club the last remaining parcel of property along the path that was not already either owned by the club or part of a township right-of-way.

During the 2006 annual picnic, members of the OTCC board publicly thanked the Larsen family with a monument alongside the path.

Top photo: OTCC board secretary Paul Lucas (right) thanks former board member Dick Watson (left) for his efforts as liaison with Carter Larsen in arranging for the gift and the monument, as Board president Marty Hamilton looks on.

Bottom photo: the face of the monument.

Shown below is the text of a letter from the OTCC board to Carter Larsen, thanking him for his generous gift.

Old Taunton Colony Club, Inc.
Taunton Lake
Medford, New Jersey 08055

July 13, 2006

Mr. & Mrs. Carter Larsen
San Francisco, California 94118

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Larsen,

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and the membership of the Old Taunton Colony Club, we want to thank you for your generous gift to our community.

For the past many years, the Board of Trustees has fought to keep the properties that adjoin our beautiful path that runs from West Lake Road to the beach from being developed. Aside from the aesthetics, it provides safe passage for our members, especially the young and the elderly, to the beach from the west side of the lake. For those of us who work hard year-round to protect and preserve the beauty of the lake and the surrounding community, your gift means a great deal.

Your property was the last "piece of the puzzle" that we needed in order to assure an undisturbed future for the path that has been known for many years as "Lover's Lane".

We find the monument that you so carefully chose, to be a very tasteful addition to the natural surroundings. Further, its sentiments remind all who stop to gaze, of the connection we all have to the natural world and how fortunate we are to be living at Taunton Lake.

We will happily care for the monument and its surroundings, and will readily abide by the restrictions that accompanied your gracious gift.

During our Annual Picnic, to be held on July 22, 2006, the Board of Trustees and other members of the community will take some time out to walk to the monument and hold a dedication ceremony.

Thank you!

Paul A. Lucas, Secretary

cc: Dick Watson