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Fee Structure for Renters


Where an OTCC member property, or any living unit thereon, is being rented, the owner of the property remains responsible for payment of the Annual Assessment and any Special Assessments. The owner may request that the tenant pay such assessments, but notice of any such arrangement must be provided to the Board. Privileges to use OTCC common property are available only if all financial obligations are met.

Where a member property has more than one living unit, the foregoing applies to the primary living unit, whether occupied by the owner or a tenant. If a non-resident owner requests tags or stickers for his or her own use, that will be considered as the primary living unit. Renters of a second, third or any additional living units may become eligible to use OTCC common property upon application to the Board and payment of an annual fee of $50 per occupant of each such living unit.

Owners and tenants alike, as well as any guests thereof, are required to wear valid current beach tags at all times while on OTCC common property. Rental occupants may be issued their own beach tags upon payment of the foregoing fees. Boat stickers will not be issued to renters without proof of the ownership of an appropriate boat and year-round storage at the subject property.

It is the responsibility of the owner of the property to inform all tenants of the Bylaws, rules, regulations and policies of the OTCC. The owner of the property is primarily responsible for any infractions of same, whether by the owner, tenants or guests. Nevertheless, tenants may also lose privileges for violations.

The bylaws, rules, regulations and policies of the OTCC are posted on the Club’s web site


Adopted by the Board of Trustees on July 12, 2017