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Rules and Regulations

The following policies, rules and regulations, adopted by the Board of Trustees, are binding on all residents of Taunton Lake and their guests:

Lakefront and Dock Rules designed to preserve and maintain the natural environment of Taunton Lake.

Tree Removal and Replacement Rules for overall policy and details on replanting requirements.

Removal of Trees, Branches, and Other Debris or Personal Property governing the removal of items from the lake or club property.

No Bubbler Rule - a safety measure prohibiting devices that would melt or weaken the ice when the lake is frozen.

Beach Rules - governing use of and conduct at the beach.

Fee Structure for Renters

Application for approval or variance to any of the above can be submitted to any member of the Board of Trustees of the Old Taunton Colony Club. Any infractions of the rules should be reported to the Board for proper action.

Violation of OTCC Bylaws, policies, rules, or regulations may result in loss of "good standing" ("good standing" and the consquences of its loss are explained in Article III of the OTCC Bylaws). A property owner who has lost good standing for a year or more is subject to fines and property liens. Click here for details.