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Be Careful with Automobile Fluids

In a lake environment, it's important to be very judicious in your use of windshield washer and de-icer fluids on your car. Although they help keep your windshield clean and free of ice, they can also contribute to contamination of our lake.

These fluids are are toxic. After they clean your windshield, they drain to the road surface, from which they can be washed into the soil and eventually to the lake.

The best way to minimize use of windshield washer and de-icer fluids is to keep your car sheltered in a garage or car port, if you have one. If not, most automotive stores and catalogs sell covers you can place over your windhshield in snowy or icy weather. These covers not only help you reduce your need for washer fluid, but they also make it easier to clear the snow or ice from your windshield. Just pull the cover off and the snow or ice comes off with it.

And don't forget to keep your car well maintained, to minimize leaks of motor oil, antifreeze and other fluids that can also find their way into the lake.